Teacher of the Year

  • Mr. Ramiro Hernandez

    Image of Mr. Ramiro Hernandez, Teacher of the Year

Our Campus Spelling Bee Winners

  • 1st place: Zachary Grant 2nd place: Kylie Maldonado 3rd place: Azanette Salinas

    Image of Spelling Bee Winners

1st Six Weeks Top Performing AR Classrooms

  • These are the Top Performing AR Classrooms.
    Image of Ms. Maldonoado's 5th Grade class  Image of Mrs. Echazarreta's 4th Grade classImage of Miss Galvan's 3rd Grade class

      Ms. Madonado's 5th Grade class                      Mrs. Echazarreta's 4th Grade class               Miss Galvan's 3rd Grade class


    Image of Mrs. Lozano's 2nd Grade class    Image of Mrs. Guerra's 1st Grade class

         Mrs. Lozano's 2nd Grade class                             Mrs. Guerra's 1st Grade class






Perfect Attendance Prize Raffle

  • Winners of the Perfect Attendance Raffle

    Image of Winners of the Perfect Attendance Raffle     Image of Winners of the Perfect Attendance Raffle

1st Six Weeks Cougars of the Month

  • Congratulations to our Cougars of the Month



    Image of Cougars of the Month    Image of Cougars of the Month   Image of Cougars of the Month

    Image of Cougars of the Month  Image of Cougars of the Month   Image of Cougars of the Month

    Image of Cougars of the Month


UIL Practice Days

UIL practices will be held on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 PM. Your child should only stay to practice on the day that their event is scheduled for practice. If your child is in two events, the child will stay to practice for each day their event is scheduled. Please pick your child up promptly at 4:30.

Tuesdays  Wednesdays 
 3rd-5th grade
UIL Spelling
Mrs. V. Gonzalez
Intermediate computer lab
2nd-5th grade
Creative Ready Writing
Ms. Gandara
Room 30

 4th & 5th grade
Oral Reading/Spanish Poetry
Mrs. E. Guerra
Room 13

 2nd & 3rd grade
UIL Math/Number Sense
Mrs. Palomo
Rm. 8

 5th Grade
Maps, Graphs & Charts
Ms. Castillo
Room 17
 2nd & 3rd grade
Ms. Maldonado
Room 31

 3rd, 4th & 5th grade
Ready Writing
Mrs. Arredondo
Room 18
 4th & 5th Grade
Art Smart
Mrs. V. Gonzalez
Music Room

 4th & 5th Grade
Oral Reading/Spanish Poetry
Mrs. Guerra
Room 13
 2nd- 5th Grade
Mr. Hernandez
PE office

   5th grade
Maps, graphs & charts
Mrs. C. Gonzalez
Room 32

   5th grade
Social Studies
Mrs. Flores
Room 26
   5th grade
Dictionary Skills
Ms. Lopez
Room 28

Teacher's Conference & Lunch Schedule

       Conference Periods                   Lunch Schedule
11:45-12:30 PM  Pre-Kinder   10:35-11:05 AM
 11:45-12:15 PM 
Kinder  8:30-9:15 AM Kinder 10:50-11:20 AM
First  9:15-10:00 AM 1st grade 11:00-11:30 AM
Second 10:00-10:45 AM 2nd grade 11:15-11:45 AM
Third 12:50-1:35 PM 3rd grade 11:30-12:00 PM
Fourth  1:35-2:20 PM 4th grade 11:40-12:10 PM
Fifth  2:20-3:05 PM 5th grade 11:50-12:20 PM


Our first Millionaire

  • Congratulations Zachary Grant!

        Image of Zachary Grant, first Millionaire






Scholastic Summer Reading Celebration

  • Summer Readers


    Image of Scholastic Summer Reading Celebration   Image of Scholastic Summer Reading Celebration  Image of Scholastic Summer Reading Celebration






Vision and Mission

Cavazos Elementary involves students, parents, staff, administration, and the community in providing a safe learning environment that challenges students to meet all their educational needs.  Our students will leave Cavazos as respectful, self-directed learners, who are proud and active participants engaged in creative, cooperative, and positive activities.  Our teachers are caring and creative individuals who are committed to student learning.

The mission of Cavazos School staff for the 2017-18 school year is to educate our students to be productive citizens of tomorrow and be able to compete in our changing world.  In order to accomplish this, we need to work with parents and the community so that each child will develp to their highest level of academic performance while enhancing their social and physical skills for a diverse community of learners.

Nondiscrimination Statement:
It is the policy of Edinburg CISD not to discriminate on the basis of sex, age, handicap, religion, race, color, or national origin in its educational programs.
Es poliza del Distrito Escolar de Edinburg el no discriminar por razones con base en sexo, edad, religion, raza, color origen nacional, ni discapacidad dentro de sus programas educacionales.

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